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Ohm Beads July 2019 Collection Preview

It's preview day ladies and gentlemen and we can now share with you the upcoming designs for the Ohm Beads July 2019 collection. It's mid-summer and the release is appropriately themed. Think picnics, the great outdoors and maybe a little summer romance. Oh yes... and coffee.

Pre-orders are now open but please be aware the release isn't until July the 3rd. The buy five get one free promotion applies to everything here. For those new to shopping with us, if you place six Ohm Beads in your basket, the cheapest will be free. If you prefer to spread your purchases, they'll be tracked for you on our e-commerce platform and when you reach the sixth bead, the cheapest of that group will be refunded back

Ohm Beads Frappe - Bead of the Month July 2019

Ohm Beads Frappe

Ohm Beads are born out of Seattle and the city is known for it's cafes. For my fellow Starbucks worshippers, Seattle is the home of the first of the chain of coffee houses.

From the earliest Bead of the Month designs, July's beads have always been coffee themed and 2019 is no exception. The Ohm Beads Frappe is debuting as the Bead of the Month with just 555 made. These coffee themed designs have always tended to be super popular so be careful not to miss this one.

Need ideas for styling? Try the Trollbeads Coffee Mug or Weiner Melange beads. (Sadly the other Ohm coffee designs are long gone!) How about one of our last Ohm Beads Emerald City Panoramas as an extra ode to the home of Ohm?

Ohm Beads Frappe
Emerald City By OHM

Ohm Beads Love Machine - BBQ Number #9

The Ohm Beads Love Machine is BBQ number 9. That stands for Big Beads Quarterly by the way. The BBQ series has been a lot of fun. Some old and really iconic designs have been reborn through this series. It's also seemingly allowed the brand to experiment with more intricate, complex and somewhat interactive design.

Love Machine has moving parts and comes complete with special packaging.

Ohm Beads Summer 2019 Glass

The mid-summer or high summer season is now upon us. With it comes the BBQs, the picnics, the days at the beach... (the insects, the sunburn, the sleepless nights because it's too hot.) For most people though, it's the season to be outside. Underpinning this release is the summer themed glass beads.

Ohm Beads Cheeseburger

The Ohm Beads Cheeseburger honors the BBQ season.

This bead isn't a limited edition and has a retail price of $50.

Ohm Beads Watermelon

When it comes to those hot days though, few things beat watermelon.

Once again this bead is not a limited edition and has a retail price of $50.

For those of thinking of what to style it with, consider the now retired Ohm Beads Seeded CustOhms.

Ohm Beads Cheesy

What burger is complete without cheese? Whatever your preference you can add the Ohm Beads Cheesy to your picnic themed bracelet.

It's not a limited edition and it has a retail price of just $40.

Ohm Beads See Forever

Reminiscent of clear summer skies or the endless ocean at the bead, the Ohm Beads See Forever is a classic, cheerful summer glass.

It isn't limited and is retailing at $45.

Ohm Beads See Forever

Ohm Beads Lazy Lawn &Park View

Last but not least is the new Ohm Beads Lazy Lawnand Park View, both standard collection glass beads.

Team them with Path and Lawn to add a mix of sizes to your bracelet.


If you're looking for summer Ohm Beads bracelet ideas, be sure to check out our how to guide on the Whip Bracelets. They're super comfortable to wear as the mercury gets higher and give a more casual look compared to the silver bracelets or bangles.

Need a few more ideas for honoring the great outdoors? We have very few of the beads below remaining in stock!

The Office By OHM
The Feast By OHM
Leafy By OHM
Potato Potato By OHM

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