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Redbalifrog King's Dynasty Collection Debuts

This Redbalifrog blog celebrates the launch of the Redbalifrog King's Dynasty collection with a complete preview.

The latest collection from Redbalifrog is here as the King's Dynasty release makes it's debut. This is a special and somewhat unusual collection as it's part II of a series that began last year. The whole theme is that of epic fantasy. It tells a story of kings and queens, might and magic and there's a lot of appeal for numerous fantasy series.

The Redbalifrog King's Dynasty collection features five new beads and one very dramatic lock.

For those of you wanting to shop, in this article you'll find both stock images and our own studio images. On the individual product pages you'll find bead dimensions and weights alongside videos of the beads. Hopefully you'll get a really good overview of the products this way. A little later this morning will be inspirational images.

The Redbalifrog Eagle Claw Lock is reminiscent of the Tree Branch Lock. It's a large, chunky, textured piece which is so eye catching in it's own right.

This lock measures 3 cms in length so do keep this in mind when it comes to your bracelet sizes.

Though the lock is technically an eagle claw, I think those of you who love dragons will find it works equally well there too. There's not a shortage of dragon locks out there, indeed Redbalifrog produce one of the best but this is entirely different and it's always refreshing to see dragon themes tackled without making them cute.

There is so much potential for this. Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings themes all come to mind.

The Redbalifrog Eagle Messenger is reminiscent of the very popular Redbalifrog Snowy Owl. The latter is one of our best selling Redbalifrog beads. Where the Snowy Owl is almost a little ethereal or romantic, this design is quite edgy. The texture is intricate and the design very precise in it's execution.

This piece does fit some bangles but we can't guarantee compatibility as it all depends on the exact curve.

Fans of Harry Potter? You have a new Fawkes complete with the Sword of Gryffindor ;)

The next piece is the Redbalifrog King Aragon and an ideal accompaniment to the earlier Queen Athene.

Again this is quite a chunky piece so it makes a good focal.

The back of the bead shows braided hair details with the hallmark then sitting on the base of the bead where it's out of sight.

The Redbalifrog Honor Shield features the king's coat of arms. Both front and back are identical, featuring the eagle with spread wings.

The sides of this bead are plain.

This again is a really chunky piece and for reference the exact measurements and weights of all of these beads are on the product pages.

The Redbalifrog Kings Guard is a traditional winged helm, complete with crest. Again this is a large bead with a somewhat masculine edge.

Though designed for this fantasy theme, this design could work for historical inspired bracelets too.

The final bead is the Redbalifrog Kings Monogram. For those of you with the previous release, this is the same basic bead as the Queens Monogram but of course the engraved design is a little different.

This is a smaller bead and again the exact dimensions can be found on the product page. When I say smaller, it's in no way a small bead but it feels it versus the chunky size of this collection. For those of you who want a complete themed bracelet, this makes a perfect filler bead in between the other designs.

For those of you unfamiliar with Redbalifrog as a brand, they use a universal core that is compatible with all major bead brands. They also have their own range of bracelets and a bangle and it's the bracelet that features in the above photography.

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Lisa G

Lisa G

April 14, 2020

The helmet is fantastic!!



April 03, 2020

Love that Eagle Messenger!

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