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Trollbeads Golden Night Kit

The Trollbeads Winter 2019 collection is here in all it's Nordic inspired, glittering glory. The glass is often the focus of a new release, partly because the colors always draw attention but in this particular release also due to it's limited nature. This Trollbeads blog brings a little inspiration for the new Trollbeads Golden Night Kit.

The Trollbeads Golden Night Kit is this year's limited edition Christmas glass. It has more versatility than some festive glass and I love the color scheme. You'll find deep mossy greens, inky blues and a whole lot of glitter, resulting in a very Nordic inspired set that's reminiscent of Scandinavian winter nights and Jul celebrations.

That's precisely what I wanted to capture in this bracelet.

The focal here is the new Trollbeads Passion Soul pendant. It is a chunky piece but not too large for the wrist. I adore the design of this and I've always liked when the brand extend a design to multiple jewelry pieces. With this you can get the pendant, bead, earrings, ring and don't forget it's the same design used for the Trollbeads From the Heart Bracelet, so you'll find the lock and the smaller coordinating silver there too. Both of those feature on this bracelet.

Here's the lock! Do remember you can't buy the components of the bracelet alone but the price is really good so you can use it for the basis of your new winter Trollbeads bracelet.

Additionally this new lock is so user friendly so for those of you who lose patience with the more fiddly locks, this is a great choice.

I've included The Palace of Amber Dragon Boat silver which may seem an add choice but honestly, I've been waiting for months to use this on a Viking inspired combination. The detailing on this bead is exquisite but do remember it was limited for a festival earlier in the year.

The little oars you see in the picture can all be moved and rotated, just as in real life.

The Redbalifrog Rustic Christmas Tree is possibly my favorite Christmas Tree bead. I appreciate the simplicity of the design. Aside from the new Trollbeads Golden Night Kit glass I've mixed in the Round Tiger Eye stone to bring that organic feel. These stones work particularly well with this bead and you can still shop live images of them on the website.

Pictured here are two of the glass. To the left is the Trollbeads Hearts of Hope and to the right is the Trollbeads Golden Buds. These both use a deep green base with gold glitter details and they're so pretty!

Nestled between is the silver bead from the From the Heart Bracelet as mentioned earlier. Usually the highlight of the designer bracelets for me is the glass. This time it's definitely the two silver components. Be sure to grab the set if you like the Passion design.

The new Trollbeads Golden Ornaments glass has been proving popular on release day. This has such a night sky vibe to it's base which is why it features here. I was trying to capture some kind of outdoors festive celebration.

Below you'll spot the new Golden Branches with it's starry night base. I've included the Redbalifrog Shaman's Bell. This is far from a new bead but it's always been a festive favorite for me.

The Redbalifrog Caribou Reindeer also makes an appearance. I've always felt Redbalifrog do amazing Christmas beads because they've tended to stay away from the cute designs. Again this was chosen to bring a little more of an outside, forest vibe to the bracelet.

Finally the Redbalifrog Holly Man is included. The Holly Man is the winter guise of the green man. Though not part of Viking lore I've always loved the design for any nature themed bracelets and it's such a strong representation of winter.

Flower Wreath
The Palace of Amber Dragon Boat

2 Responses



November 09, 2019

Good evening,

If you’re meaning the 2012 kit we don’t have it to compare. They’re very different colors though so not sure how well they’d mix.



November 09, 2019

How does this Golden Night Kit compare to the Decoration Kit? Besides being smaller and darker, tho with sparkle-depth, do the GNK beads match well if spaced?

The Dragon Boat is lovely. I haven’t seen that before so thanks for showing it. I’ve marked it. My sister-in-law does dragon boat. Her team went to China a few years ago to compete and the Chinese skill awed her. She’ll love to see that bead.

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