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Trollbeads Infinite Virtues Preview

This Trollbeads blog brings a preview of the upcoming Trollbeads Infinite Virtues collection, new for March 2020.

Mere moments ago the Trollbeads Smiles launched for Father's Day 2020. Next Friday then sees the much anticipated arrival of the limited edition Trollbeads Flutter By Bracelet, designer bracelet set for the spring season. Always eager to leave us with a taste of what's to come however, today is the unveiling of the Trollbeads Infinite Virtues collection.

This release is scheduled for March the 20th and consists of five decorative silver beads.

"A virtue is a good habit developed out of love for
others – a behavior that shows a high standard
in living. Doing what is right and avoiding what
is wrong. Throughout history many thoughtful
philosophers have identified and described a
variety of attributes as virtues."

Five silver beads, all retailing at $50 each and each representing their own virtue. These are highly gender neutral designs which will feel quiet refreshing after a season so typified by floral motifs.

In order of their appearance below is the Trollbeads Compassion Knot, Trollbeads Courage Knot, Trollbeads Humble Knot, Trollbeads Loyalty Knot and Trollbeads Sincerity Knot.

Trollbeads Compassion Knot
Trollbeads Courage Knot
Trollbeads Humble Knot
Trollbeads Loyalty Knot
Trollbeads Sincerity Knot

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February 25, 2020

Good evening,

No one knows yet how large they are as they are so far from release. Live images aren’t permitted until a few days before and retailers do not have stock until then.

Margie Nieves

Margie Nieves

February 25, 2020

Absolutly love this Collection! Pretty sure I will get them all! Are lucky and sincerity bigger then the other ones?

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