Trollbeads Spring 2020 Preview

This Trollbeads blog brings a complete preview of the upcoming Trollbeads Spring 2010 Collection!

Though it may feel awfully cold outside to be discussing spring releases but once the holidays have passed we tend to see quite a flurry of activity in bead world. The Trollbeads Spring 2020 Collection is set to launch on January the 17th. With January such a miserable month in general, (it's cold, long and many suffer with post-Christmas blues,) the Trollbeads spring release is always such a highlight. The collection is officially named the Trollbeads Love Stories release which very much sets the tone for this romantic series.

What you'll find waiting for you is a palette of soft, feminine shades with delicate spring motifs in silver and gold.

Trollbeads Spring 2020 Glass.

Two new glass kits will launch by way of the Trollbeads Love Song Kit and Trollbeads Love Story Kit. They both retail at $248 and the beads can be purchased individually at $50 each.

The Trollbeads Love Song Kit has such a beautiful array of colors with a flow from orange and plums through to pale early spring greens. This is an aptly named kit as do pay attention to those two songbird designs.

Those aside we're particularly enthused for the new florals with their mixed color bases and glitter accents on the petals.

The greens here are perfect for late winter bracelets too, as mixed with whites or greys they'll bring a real pre-season twist to your bracelets.

In order below the beads are the Trollbeads Aisle of Passion, Trollbeads Song of Love, Trollbeads Voice of Romance, Trollbeads Aisle of Luck, Trollbeads Song of Hope and Trollbeads Voice of Happiness.


Trollbeads Aisle of Passion
Trollbeads Song of Love
Trollbeads Voice of Romance
Trollbeads Aisle of Luck
Trollbeads Song of Hope

The Trollbeads Love Story Kit features a mix of glitter scroll beads and a new, slightly fern like feeling design.

You'll notice a slight overlap in colors with the Trollbeads Love Story Kit, a feature we really appreciate here at GLB. It makes for a cohesive color scheme for the spring season and we love the ability to mix and match the kits.

The Trollbeads Innocence, Kindness and Trust (those beautiful glittery scrolls,) will for example highlight the sparkling details on the new Aisle of Passion and Aisle of Luck.

In order below the beads are the Trollbeads Promise, Trollbeads Romance, Trollbeads Joy, Trollbeads Trust, Trollbeads Kindness & Trollbeads Innocence.

Trollbeads Promise
Trollbeads Romance
Trollbeads Joy
Trollbeads Kindness
Trollbeads Innocence

The Trollbeads White Roses is somewhat of a standalone piece within the collection though I suspect it's going to prove enormously popular.

A monochromatic version of the long retired and much coveted Mother's Rose, this bead will retail at $61.

I'm really looking forward to seeing this bead in person as stock images tend to fail to capture the depth of details on these designs.

Trollbeads Spring 2020 Gemstones

We're huge gemstone enthusiasts here at GLB and the Trollbeads Spring 2020 sees two new stones making their debut.

Pictured here is the new Trollbeads Feldspar Quartz Rock, retailing at the standard $72. Those of you who have been yearning for more faceted stones should be thrilled with this bead.

I adore the soft color of this bead though it will be interesting to see the variation. The shade pictured here would underpin the glass beads perfectly and would be so very versatile.

Trollbeads Serpentine

Meanwhile the Trollbeads Serpentine offers a bold, accent shade to the release in this quite acidic shade.

Once again it will retail at $72

This is a stone that can vary quite dramatically in color so again it will be fascinating to see the potential span of this gemstone once the collection launches in January. It's very unusual and distinctive in the stock image and far removed from existing stones in the collection.

Trollbeads Spring 2020 Silver & Gold

There are a total of five decorative silver beads launching for spring plus a pendant and one spacer. A single decorative gold piece joins the collection.

The Trollbeads Joyful Flowers brings a slight twist on a typical spring floral design. This has an air of Alice in Wonderland about it with smiling faces on the stigma.

For those of you who love coordinating jewelry, you'll find complementary earrings a little further down the page.

Joyful Flowers is set to retail at $50.

Trollbeads Joyful Flowers

The Trollbeads Ladybugs will retail at $50 and features a ring of these iconic summer creatures. Pay attention to the inner part of the design where the core is actually made from a beautifully curved leaf.

I'm generally not a fan of the warmer months and one reason is due to the array of flying critters. Two exceptions to that rule are ladybugs and bumble bees and this is such a cute design for the spring.

The new Trollbeads Flow is a simple, abstract design that will fit so many themes. I find it a little reminiscent of both the existing Gold Ornamental but also the silver bead on the From the Heart Bracelet Sets. I adore the latter in particular so I'm looking forward to seeing this bead in person.

It's set to retail at $50

The Trollbeads Home is a simple, endearing design bringing to life the term "Home is where the heart is."

This design will work well on family themed bracelets or perhaps to commemorate a new home

It will retail at $39 at it's launch in January.

The Trollbeads Love Rings is an interesting take on a romantic bead. When on the bracelet it's going to look quite abstract with two flowing rings of silver. In profile you can see the small heart motif.

This is a reasonably small piece with a retail price of $39 for the silver and $363 for the gold.

The Trollbeads First Dance is actually a pendant rather than a bead and will retail at $72.

We're always asked whether pendants will work on the wrist and it's difficult to answer that before the products arrive for release. The core on this sits quite high so it would drop quite a way from the bracelet. At first glance it does look more suited to a necklace.

Last but by no means least is the Trollbeads Evolution Spacer.

Since the first decorative spacers appeared years ago now, they've become such a highlight of the release calendar.

This spacer has a raised frog motif but this is the only image Trollbeads are currently sharing. Could that be frog spawn disappearing towards the base of the spacer? The name at least implies the motif will not be the same all the way around.

Trollbeads Spring 2020 Locks

I always get excited about new locks, after all they're the finishing touch to a bracelet. There are two new clasps debuting for the spring season.

The Trollbeads Ladybug Lock will be hugely popular I suspect. We have seen a ladybug before on the limited edition Good Luck Starter Bracelet from many years ago and it was very popular.

This is a very different design absolutely brimming with these super cute love bugs.

It will retail at $72.

Meanwhile the Trollbeads Flow Lock is a lovely, abstract design. Again it feels somewhat related to the From the Heart Lock though with the romantic elements removed which is perfectly for appealing to a wider audience.

I've found myself using the From the Heart Lock a huge amount since the bracelet launched but other favorite collection lock has always been the Soft Winds of Change clasp. I'm hopeful this will prove just as versatile.

It will retail at $50.

Trollbeads Spring 2020 Rings

Two new rings are debuting also. To the left is the Trollbeads Elegant Fantasy Ring. To the right is the Trollbeads Swirling Fantasy Ring.

Both of these rings have open ends to allow you to wear beads on them, though they're decorative enough to wear without I think.

Trollbeads Love Stories Collection Summary

There we have it. The first preview for 2020. I'm finding the glass to be the initial highlight though it's always so easy to be captivated by the colors. It's a soft and feminine palette and one I think will have a wide appeal.

Overall it leaves me yearning for January when we get to see and share the beads a little more as the potential variation of those gemstones is exciting.

For those of you who like to plan ahead, do be aware that the current Trollbeads Winter 2019 Uniques feature some very cute birds that will work beautifully with the upcoming spring collection. Our stock is limited so be sure to take a look at those.

The buy one get one 50% off is still ongoing across most of the Trollbeads collection right now. (Please note the offer only applies to customers from the US, Canada, Australia and Latin America and excludes Sense of Shimmer, Winter 2019, From the Heart, Autumn 2019 and Turtle Flower.) You could use this opportunity to indulge in beads that will complement the upcoming release. The Trollbeads Meditation for example would look beautiful with the new glass kits.


  • Hi Jane,

    I’m told White Roses is spectacular in person so I’m really looking forward to seeing that one. I think it can still be styled for the cooler weather too which might be the challenge for some other parts of the spring release perhaps :)

    Victoria at Great Lakes Boutique
  • As always something for everyone. I love the ladybird silver and the lock is a must! Also interested in the white rose glass and the evolution spacer. I will probably go for some of the birds and glitters later.

    Jane Snape
  • Thank you!! That said, it’s the silvers and White Roses that draw my attention 😃

    Martha Olavarrieta
  • Hi Martha,

    I’m sure if there’s changes to pricing Trollbeads will announce when they’re ready :)

    Victoria at Great Lakes Boutique
  • Hi Victoria

    So the prices for the standard glass increased from $39 to $50? 😳

    Thank you

    Martha Olavarrieta

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