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The Palace of Amber Blaze of Glory Bracelet Inspiration

This charm bracelet blog brings a little inspiration for the newly debuted The Palace of Amber Blaze of Glory.

Just a couple of hours ago the new Blaze of Glory launched for The Palace of Amber and I'd best describe it as a capsule wardrobe piece for the fall season. Over the next few days I'll be sharing two edits for this design; one bracelet and one bangle but be sure to shop yours before they sell out.

The Palace of Amber Blaze of Glory features a beautiful decorative core depicting maple leaves and dragonflies. This gracefully encases a vibrant and sparking sunstone, representing the autumn sun before winter takes it's chilly hold.

It's a focal bead that is such a must have for the fall and for those of you who don't like over Halloween motifs, it will work through that holiday and Thanksgiving too.

This particular bracelet tells a story. It's a tale of wood fairies, living in a glen deep inside an enchanted forest.

Like any good fairy, they're surrounded by animal friends and everyone is busy preparing for the cold, harsh winter ahead.

The Palace of Amber Noctis is included and remember there's now less than six weeks until you'll be able to shop your own at Bead Bash on the Lake. Incidentally Noctis is not the only event bead for The Palace of Amber ;)

This image also shows just how glittery these stones are and that seems typical of most of them. They positively glow in the sunshine


The Palace of Amber Time Fairy (and it's the duo-tone version pictured here,) has long been one of my favorite designs from this brand. It's a really chunky bead and you can check the exact dimensions and see a video on the product page. It's so unusual and there's such an air of romance to it. To the left is the new Daydreambe(a)r which are just adorably cute and our exclusive Redbalifrog Green Goddess who works so well on nature inspired themes.

Between The Palace of Amber Rosa Safety Chain and the Redbalifrog Maple Lovers Leaf there's a couple of "dangling" elements to this bracelet. I'm not usually a fan of dangles but I always find myself using the Maple Lovers Leaf a huge amount during the fall.

Finally are a few on the wrist images for you to enjoy.

The Palace of Amber Rumpelstiltskin Stopper
The Palace of Amber Time Fairy Duo Tone
The Palace of Amber Plum Blossom Lock

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August 22, 2019

Good morning,

As per the article it’s the Palace of Amber Noctis. It’s one of the event beads for Bead Bash on the Lake Fall 2019.

The link to the event page is in the article above



August 22, 2019

The Palace of Amber Noctis ???? is this the owl
Love the owl, can any one tell me more , I think it is a must have XXX

Deb Hoffman

Deb Hoffman

August 22, 2019

Who makes the owl holding the key?

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