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The Palace of Amber Starry Peacock Pearls Inspiration

Earlier today The Palace of Amber Starry Peacock Pearls made their debut on our website. This charm bracelet blog will be sharing a little inspiration both in the form of a set of bangles and a bracelet.

The Starry Peacock Pearls retail at $60 each and like other versions of this design, they feature 18k gold details.

For anyone who found my recent navy and cinder combinations a little too stark, this is somewhat of a twist on that but using a more classic mix of colors; navy and gold.

If you're unfamiliar with The Palace of Amber Pearls, like most pearls there is some variation in size but for the most part, they run a little larger than Trollbeads Pearls. The core is universal and again the gold accents are 18k.

The top bangle features the new The Palace of Amber Pumpkin Cauldron as the focal and again I've flipped it around so the rear of the bead is visible. We're running a little low on these now so do keep that in mind if you're coveting this design.

I've always loved deep blues and golds together and there's something quite autumnal or perhaps even wintery about the combination for me. Regardless it's timeless and elegant.


The central bangle uses Trollbeads gold and The Palace of Amber gold and duo-tone pieces instead and I love this bangle.

The focal piece is The Palace of Amber Super Imposed Starry Stars Dangle and this is another design we're beginning to run a little low on. (Do remember that everything from this brand is essentially a limited edition.)

The lower bangle uses the Bella Fascini Light the Way as the focal and again mixes the upcoming Pumpkin Patch with the swirls.

I love that the ornate design on Light the Way matches so well with the curve of the pumpkin vine details of The Palace of Amber design.

Finally here's that full set of bangles together and I think they are so eye catching!

All of the event beads this time complement each other beautifully (and obviously that was also the idea.)

I've featured predominantly bangles in the recent editorials and I must apologize for that. Not only is it what I personally wear but they're easier to photograph.

Nevertheless I wanted to share a bracelet that uses the same color scheme and just expands on the bangle stack a little.

Both The Palace of Amber Pumpkin Cauldron and Noctis sit together here. Remember Noctis will launch during Bead Bash on the Lake in just over two weeks now!

The event page at the link above was updated just this weekend but we still have more exciting news to come, hopefully this week.

Below you'll see both the Bella Fascini Flying Witch and the upcoming Pine Cone Moose. I think he's so cute!

Finally here's the completed bracelet. Notice how the color of the cat's eye quartz in the Pumpkin Patch is really so apt for the fall season. You can also get an idea of the variation in the beads here; some being a little paler, some a deeper shade.

For those of you counting down the days to the launch of so many of these beads, there's really not long now. Do remember though that the Starry Peacock Pearls are available immediately. If you love this combination, it's better to shop those now.

4 Responses

Victoria at Great Lakes Boutique

Victoria at Great Lakes Boutique

September 10, 2019

Hey Lisa,

I do try though bangles are so much easier to photograph. There’ll be another bracelet featuring tomorrow I think :)

Victoria at Great Lakes Boutique

Victoria at Great Lakes Boutique

September 10, 2019

Hey Angela, nice to see you here :)

Bead Bash is going to be crazy this time I think. The event beads are the best we’ve had I think. The brands have just gone above and beyond. Even the more general stock is really strong and there’s still announcements to make :D



September 10, 2019

OMGOODNESS I need to win the lottery so many gorgeous charms and beads so little money to go around.
Bead Bash looks like its going to be a fab time.

Lisa G

Lisa G

September 10, 2019

I love the bracelet and hope to see you make more. It’s gorgeous, with the blue color and all the new beads!

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