Trollbeads Together Apart

This Trollbeads blog brings a preview of the upcoming Trollbeads Together Apart bead.

With an expected launch at the end of May, the Trollbeads Together Apart bead is a limited edition glass.

Covid 19 has changed every aspect of our lives. The challenges and circumstances people are faced with are unprecedented. When you're in the depth of any situation it can be so difficult to see an end in sight. Together Apart is a reminder that rainbows only appear after storms and that the world over, everyone is in this together.

There's no price confirmation for this super cute bead yet, nor an exact release date but it should see a launch at the end of the month.

I'm guessing we're going to see a lot of variation in these little rainbows and somehow that feels really apt.

We've seen an increase in people gifting beads to each other during the last couple of months. (Remember you can enter a different shipping address at checkout.) This bead is going to be an ideal choice for those of you wanting to do that. How sweet to receive a rainbow in the mail from someone you can't physically be with.

Do remember though that ahead of Together Apart we have the Trollbeads Summer 2020 collection to look forward to, now just a couple of weeks away. We're really looking forward to see those new glass beads too.


  • Hi Natascha,

    It’s very sweet and judging by customer response it’s going to be popular. There are no longer pre-orders for Trollbeads in the USA and we don’t yet have a confirmed release date, though we do know the price will be $50.

    As soon as we can sell it however, it will be live on the website and we’ll be sure to make sure everyone is updated on that happening.

    Victoria at Great Lakes Boutique
  • This is a beautiful bead! Are you doing preorders?

  • Silver Lining is such a cheerful bead I think :)

    You’re most welcome and hopefully the wait won’t be too long :)

    Victoria at Great Lakes Boutique
  • Will definitely be wanting this bead! I finally bought the Silver Lining glass bead last year and will wear them together. Might add my Celebrate Life bead as well to continue the rainbow theme. Thanks for the preview Victoria 🌈


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